The End Boss System w/ Doug Polk & Fabian Adler

Doug combined forces with his longtime coach Fabian “Frabb” Adler to create the incredible resource that is The End Boss System.

Doug and Fabian hold nothing back in this incredible course. While the main focus is heads-up strategy, all No Limit Hold’em players will benefit from the concepts and mechanics taught inside The End Boss System.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Join The End Boss System by Sunday (October 15th) and get Doug’s course Inside the Arena ($499 value) as a free bonus.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside including 3 sneak peek videos. But first, a brief intro to the man known as Frabb.

Who is Fabian “Frabb” Adler?

Most people want to learn from a pro like Doug Polk, who has won millions of dollars in publicly tracked poker games.

But who does a pro like Doug turn to? 

When preparing for his challenge vs Daniel Negreanu, Doug wanted to find the best possible coach to help him maximize his win-rate.

He ended up turning to Fabian “Frabb” Adler, who Doug praises as “the most brilliant poker mind I’ve ever met.”

But you don’t have to take Doug’s word for it. Frabb has put up some incredible win-rates playing up to $50/$100 heads-up games. Here’s his graph:

fabian adler aka frab

The key details are in the top left: $907K in winnings (over $1 million in all-in adjusted winnings) and a 7.45 BB/100 win-rate.

Naturally, when it came time to build The End Boss System, Doug again turned to Frabb to help create the best possible course.

What’s Inside The End Boss System?

The End Boss System is the longest course in Upswing Poker history with over 40 hours of content divided into 8 sections:

  1. Introduction (1 hour)
  2. Preflop Strategy (1 hour + Preflop Chart app)
  3. Small Blind Single Raised Pots (7 hours)
  4. Big Blind Single Raised Pots (6 hours)
  5. Big Blind 3-Bet Pots (7 hours)
  6. Small Blind 3-Bet Pots (4 hours)
  7. 4-Bet Pots (5 hours)
  8. Heads-Up Play & Explains (5 hours)
  9. BONUS: Inside the Arena (10 hours)**

**Inside the Arena is a $499 standalone course, but it will be included as a free bonus with The End Boss System if you get it by Sunday (October 15th).