Tips for Juggling Poker and Work

The poker-work or poker-life balance is no different; poker players need to be able to prioritize their goals and ambitions, while still being able to earn a living and keep an active social life. In this post, we’ll be looking at how you can effectively balance poker and work to ensure you meet your poker goals while still maintaining a healthy life balance.

We will cover:

  • The Challenge of Balancing Poker and Work
  • Setting Clear Goals and Priorities
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Building Skills Efficiently
  • Utilizing Technology
  • Building a Support System
  • Staying Mindful of Mental Health

The Challenge of Balancing Poker and Work

Anyone who has played poker seriously knows just how much of a grind it can be. It almost becomes a second job in itself, as poker players spend hours grinding away at the tables and spend even more time studying the game in their downtime.

For people with a full-time job, maintaining a healthy balance between poker and work can be tough due to the intense mental demands of the game. It’s easy to become burnt out, either with poker, your job, or both, which leads to mental fatigue and a downturn in overall mood.

While balancing poker and work isn’t easy, we believe that it’s possible to do it in a healthy, productive way that allows you to maximize your time and achieve your goals.

Setting Clear Goals and Priorities

This leads us into our first tip – setting clear goals and priorities. If you’re struggling with your poker-work balance, take a step back and consider what things in life mean the most to you. Where does poker lie on that priority list? If it’s near the bottom, you may want to consider playing poker recreationally, leaving more time for the other things that matter more in your life.

However, if it’s near the top of your list, you need to set clear goals for yourself that you can easily track your progress on. We recommend choosing goals that are fully within your control, such as playing a certain number of hands in a certain timeframe rather than trying to win X amount by Y date.

The reason for this is that variance is a huge part of poker, and it can be disheartening if you fail to meet your goal through no fault of your own. By setting a clear, achievable goal, you give yourself something to work towards and a reason to log on and play each day.

Time Management Strategies

Once you’ve set your goal, you need to determine how much time you’re going to dedicate to achieving it. Create a schedule, and add in all of your non-negotiables that you need to do every week, such as work, chores, family time, etc. Once you’ve laid out your schedule, look for the gaps in it, and determine whether or not you could be playing poker during that time.

Pick out set times for you to play poker each week, ensuring that you have enough time to meet your goals. If you feel like you can’t make enough time to meet your goals, reconsider your targets and try to set something achievable.

After you’ve created your schedule and input your poker times, make sure you stick to it. It’s incredible how much time people lose to procrastinating in a day, but once you set out a schedule, you’ll find yourself gaining all that time back.

Building Skills Efficiently

Of course, being a dedicated poker player isn’t just about the time you put in on the felt, it’s about all the effort that you put in off the felt to improve your game. One of the hardest things to do as a working poker player is finding time to study; you feel that as you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the game, you should spend all of it playing and honing your skills.

While this is a reasonable thought to have, all the best poker players take time away from the table to study and improve, so if you’re not doing this, you’ll be left behind.

One of the ways you can implement studying into your schedule is by improving the efficiency with which you study. Rather than sticking on a couple of training videos for 90 minutes, half-watching them while on your phone, you can spend a shorter amount of time doing focused study sessions that improve an area that you’re weakest in.

By participating in active study, you do not need to dedicate as much time to improve at a faster rate, leaving you more time to play.

Utilizing Technology

One of the ways to help improve your efficiency is by utilizing available technology. There are a number of tools out there that can improve your poker game that are far more advanced than anything that was around 10 years ago, so start using them!

Just look at how GTO solvers have evolved over the years; in the beginning, the only option available was PioSolver which took ages to run and required you to essentially memorize different strategies to use later on. Fast-forward to today, and there are tools that allow you to run simulations much faster, and then play out situations using those simulations against a computer, giving you a feel for how those strategies are implemented in-game.

When time is limited, using technology to improve your efficiency is an absolute must.

Building a Support System

While poker is an individual sport, many poker players credit their growth as a player to the people around them, wheter that’s other players who have helped them improve, or family members who supported them when no one else did. If you’re taking poker seriously, it’s important that you have a healthy support system around you that can help you manage the ups and downs of the game.

There are a number of poker forums filled with like-minded people, so if no one in your life understands poker the way you do, we’d recommend making friends on these sites. Having a group of people who know what you’re going through can help make the swings of the game much easier to manage.

Plus, talking poker strategy with other people can help you improve as a player. They may see things in a different way to you that you would have never considered, and open up a line of thought that otherwise would never have been pursued.

Staying Mindful of Mental Health

Dedicating a significant portion of your time to poker can be grueling, as it’s an incredibly intense game that requires large amounts of mental resilience. Some poker players cannot handle the swings of the game, and fly into rages when things don’t go their way. It’s important that anyone who seeks to play poker seriously stays mindful of their mental health, and takes breaks when they’re needed.

One of the hardest things to do in poker is stop playing, especially when you’re feeling emotional. These emotions drive you to continue playing for a number of reasons, but when you’re thinking emotionally, you’re not able to think rationally, and the quality of your decision-making will go down, further increasing your losses and worsening your mindset.

Plus, it’s not fair on the people around you. Why should they be punished for your negative choices?

Some people just aren’t cut out for poker, and it’s important to recognize when the game is taking too much of a toll on your mental health. If you feel the game becomes too much to handle, there’s no shame in reducing your hours or taking a break altogether.


Being a serious poker player while also working a full-time job is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to put the hours in and work towards your goals, but with the right attitude and plan of action, it can be done. We hope that you take some of our tips and put them into practice in your own life; so get out there and start achieving your poker goals!

Pocket52 Poker Sports League Season 5 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Pocket52 Poker Sports League Season 5 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Posted by Laksh Pal Singh on 2023-08-23 at 9:41 PM

Pocket52 Poker Sports League Season 5 - Bigger and Better Than Ever!

That was what the Poker Sports League management promised us this year, and that is exactly what was delivered. This edition of PSL was grand in many ways, and I’d first like to thank everyone who made this event possible.

Nitesh Salvi – founder and CEO of Pocket52, title sponsors of PSL, Pranav Bagai, Siddharth Mishra, and Prajit Gambhir, the three musketeers who started this wonderful concept of PSL and have worked endlessly over the last five years to grow this mind sport!

Prajit, you legend. God only knows how many roles you have at PSL! From being COO to the auctioneer to commentary to ensuring that the show goes on every single time, big shoutout to you, brother, and to Vidur also for making sure every pre-show and every stream was super smooth. Sid and his production team, wow, man, I don’t even know what to say. You guys are so good at what you do! This year the production team of PSL has really outdone themselves. From every reel to every Instagram story to every update, I have to say the content was fabulous.

Obviously couldn’t have done it without your ever-so-talented team! Dashank, Madhur, and Pandey Ji, big shoutout to the three of you for doing such a great job and just being awesome people in general. I’m really fond of the entire PSL team and of course the man himself, the mastermind Pranav Bagai for making this happen on Jio Cinema- working day in and day out to achieve his vision for poker in India.

I want to thank all the owners for supporting this league every single year and spreading their love and passion for poker. This league would not be possible without you!


The Experience

Pocket52 PSL Season 5 was something else only. Everyone together on land in the same resort under the same roof, with no hassle of going onto the ship, everyone bonding and interacting.

Personally, for me, the highlight was interacting with the qualifiers from all teams, it’s really nice to talk with someone when you know they look up to you and whatever you’re saying has an impact on them.

It was really heartwarming to meet the Massani brothers, these boys were the heroes of PSL, and that’s another story to tell. Taking a domestic flight for the first time, these two brothers have come from Bhopal and won all our hearts. What gems of human beings, so much confidence, so much energy, I just loved it, to be honest. I had a great time with all my friends and all the other captains who I’m so close to off the felts!

The competition was heavy, and everyone was so passionate and into it. So yeah, GG to my boys – Dirty (Dhaval Mudgal) and Shardul (Parthasarathi) for also taking podium finishes, I had already told Shardul I was going see him heads up and win this time.

Big shoutout to Gaurav Sood, one of the best poker players in India, for playing the finale like an absolute boss man and ensuring I’m shitting myself on the rails while he’s reducing the chip deficit. Love you, Mozzie unlucky one, and you’ll be back stronger we all know it.

Shoutout to Romit (Advani) and Vaibhav (Sharma) for being fantastic team leaders- you win some, you lose some, and I am sure we will see you guys in the top 3 next season!

Now coming to my team, oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of comradery and team spirit in my life. PSL adrenaline just hits differently. I’ve played a lot of tournaments in my life and hit a lot of one-outers for big money, but I’ve never jumped the way PSL made me jump and shout and scream, and it’s a different kind of excitement altogether.

Bringing a team format and making an individual sport a team game is honestly a genius concept! I would like to thank my team owners, Mr Puneet Mehra, Mehul Shah, and Rishi, for trusting me to lead this team again despite a not-so-great performance the previous year. Special shoutout to their families as well, Toral ma’am Divyansh and Prerna, for cheering on the Mumbai team and making sure our rail was the loudest and full of energy. Really happy that Mehul and Rishi also came down and really felt it with the team and were involved and there from start to finish.

Speaking about my team, I want to say I’m so proud of you guys – every point earned by each of you was crucial to us winning and reaching the finale. I remember the day we reached Goa and had our first team meeting, I was really impressed with Puneet sir because he gave a really inspirational team talk on Day 1 itself, which had a big impact on our team. I have to say one thing about my team, though, everyone was really into it, The togetherness and team spirit was really evident, and I think from Day 1, we manifested the win when we took that picture near the trophy.

Humaara wildcard kaisa ho, Alok Birewar jaisa ho! I think the best decision I made this PSL, other than my obvious retentions of Akshay Nasa and Honey Bijlani, was to sign Alok as my wildcard. I knew Alok wouldn’t do it for the money; he wanted to play PSL, he loves strategizing, he was railing every table every tournament, his team spirit was unparalleled, and the best in the league, so kudos bro I’m proud of you, and you did a great job.

Akshay Nasa, my player, said I am born ready when I asked him if he was going to play the finale. Our strategy was simple, get 250 BB in the finale, send Nasa, and ship it!! Shoutout to Ankit, our 2nd pro, for a great performance joining Nasa in the finale, and also getting the ever so-crucial points in the live MTT, but also for declaring that we’ve won before the league even started.

Honey Bijjlani, for doing more work than the captain, bhai this team would not have won without you, I openly state that you are going to be retained every year for Mumbai Anchors. Nitin Gulati for his passion for this team, getting merchandise and hoodies made for the entire team, thank you, bhai! Simran Malhotra, my fellow Pocket52 team pro, for never disappointing me, for being the number 1 woman player of the league, and for her spirit and love for the team.

Dhirendra Kumar and Avinash Tauro for being on top of things, speaking to the new boys, railing watching the stream making notes, top top performance guys. And of course the new boys Shravan and Nikaas, who I couldn’t believe, played live poker for the first time. They both killed it and got super important points for the team. Every single point contributed by each of you was crucial to this team’s success.

It was a rollercoaster of three days, with ups and downs and highs and lows; the excitement and energy were high, and it was the best three days of my life. Humne bahut chipkaaya, 3 straight days chipkaaya, but you gotta spike to ship, and there was no way Mumbai was not winning this season. Also, a big shoutout to my first mentor and dear friend Sahil Mahboobani for top-notch performance and taking down the Player of the Series, so happy for you, bro!

Lifting that trophy was a great feeling and something that’ll stay with me for life, I hope to recreate many more memories with PSL and Mumbai Anchors!

GG everyone, until next time!

Aaamchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mumbaiiiiiiii

History of online poker: origin and evolution

Poker is perhaps the most popular card game in the world, and over the years it has undergone changes that have adapted it to the technological boom of modern society. That has led to the proliferation of online poker rooms, creating a loyal community of players who enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes from their smartphone or computer.

But, how exactly did online poker come about, and how has it evolved since the early days of digitization? Read on to find out.

How long is the history of online poker?

The history of online poker began in the 1990s, ushering in a revolution in the way people play poker. Although poker has been played in various forms for centuries, the ability to compete online completely changed the dynamics of the game. The first online poker platform was established in 1998, when Planet Poker launched its website. This event marked the beginning of a new era in the poker world.

During its early years, online poker-faced significant challenges, such as lack of regulation and players’ distrust in the security of transactions and the fairness of the games. However, as technology improved and stricter regulations were established, online poker began to gain popularity.

Who is Chris Moneymaker and why is he important for poker online?

The year 2003 was a turning point in the online poker history. This was the year that an accountant from Tennessee named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious poker tournament in the world.

His victory was an extraordinary event because, instead of qualifying through an in-person tournament, Moneymaker had gained his entry into the tournament through an online satellite on PokerStars. His triumph inspired thousands of players to follow his example and play online poker.

Chris Moneymaker’s online poker player history lies in the importance of the fact that his victory proved that anyone could compete with the pros and win. His success story inspired numerous online poker players to pursue their dreams in the game. In addition, his path to victory began with an online qualifier, which further emphasized the impact of online poker on the poker scene.

His online poker player history has got a huge legacy: the well-known “Moneymaker effect”, which has translated into a massive increase in the popularity of online poker. Many players began playing online in hopes of replicating his success. This led to an explosive growth in the number of online poker websites and platforms. The media exposure Moneymaker received also contributed to the online poker boom.

Differences between online poker and conventional poker

Conventional poker, played in physical casinos or at gatherings of friends, has significant differences from online poker. Below, we explore some of the key differences and we explain some of the most important online poker facts you should have already learnt:


Online poker is extremely accessible. Players can participate in games anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection and a compatible device. This means there is no need to travel to a physical casino or stick to a fixed schedule to play.

Variety of games

Online poker offers a wide variety of poker variants, from Texas Hold’em and Omaha to Seven Card Stud and more. This allows players to experience different styles and rules of play, which may be less common in land-based casinos.


In online poker, players can maintain a certain degree of anonymity. This can be beneficial for those who wish to avoid public exposure or keep their identity a secret.

Speed of play

Online poker tends to be faster than conventional poker. Hands are developed more quickly, as there is no need to shuffle cards or count chips manually. This allows players to participate in more hands in a shorter period of time.

Safety and fairness

Although there were initial concerns about security and fairness in online poker, technological advances and proper regulation have improved player confidence. Online poker platforms use random number generators and advanced security measures to ensure fair play.

Social interaction

Conventional poker encourages in-person social interaction, with players sitting together at a table, allowing communication and reading opponents’ reactions. In contrast, online poker is played in a virtual environment, which can limit face-to-face interaction. However, many online poker platforms offer chat and real-time interaction features to compensate for this lack of physical presence.

Lukas “Robin Poker” Robinson Puts Cruel Beat on Jaime Staples in Sunday Party

The say you need plenty of skills and a generous helping of luck if you want to win poker tournaments, and Lukas “Robin Poker” Robinson had both in abundance this weekend. The popular Liverpudlian streamer, who once streamed playing online poker for 1,000 hours in 100 days, collared Team PartyPoker’s Jaime Staples en route to taking down the event for $13,371.

Robinson was one of 1,026 entrants in the $109 Sunday Party, our $100,000 guaranteed weekly tournament. After an intense opening day that saw the field whittled to only 16 hopefuls, Robinson found himself third in chips.

Sunday Party Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 ASAP JARDA 15,000,542
2 Charly Error 12,886,617
3 Robin Poker 12,207,563
4 Joker_James95 8,465,319
5 Phaelzin 8,045,040
6 antiZZZ 7,823,916
7 xfnd 7,728,953
8 gunfire22 6,594,920
9 persevero77 5,155,973
10 Kenny11 4,121,305

Our very own Jaime Staples was the first of the eight finalists to bust, and he did so in cruel circumstances. The hand in question started with a min-raise to 600,000 from Robinson with pocket sevens in the hole, and a cll in the cutoff from Staples holding ace-jack of clubs.

The flop landed seven-five-queen with two clubs, and both players checked its arrival. The eight of clubs on the turn completed Staples’ flush, and nudged him into the lead. Robinson bet 1,200,000, and Staples called. An offsuit five on the river improved Robinson to a full house. Robinson went into the tank for a few moments before unleashing a 3,000,000 bet. Staples pondered his options, settled on a jam, and moved all-in for 10,167,932. Robinson instantly called, busting Staples in eighth, and claiming a 24.6 million pot for good measure.

Robinson kept hold of the chip lead for most of the final table action, but he trailed “antiZZZZ” when the Sunday Party reached the heads-up stage. The eventual champion won more than his fair share of early pots, and began establishing a lead for himself.

The final hand saw Robinson limp in on the button with pocket kings, and “antiZZZZ” check their ace-four of diamonds. “antiZZZZ” check-called a bet on the seven-six-eight flop, and a chunkier bet on the seven of diamonds turn, which put two diamonds out there. The river was the king of diamond, improving “antiZZZZ” to an ace-high flush but Robinson to another full house. “antiZZZZ” checked again, Robinson bet half-pot and snap-called when his opponent moved all-in.

Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Lukas “Robin Poker” Robinson $7,654 $6,077 $13,731
2 antiZZZZ $2,642 $6,066 $8,708
3 Charly Error $1,007 $4,020 $5,027
4 Joker_James95 $1,269 $2,609 $3,878
5 perservero $567 $1,783 $2,350
6 ASAP JARDA $952 $1,376 $2,328
7 Phaelzin $1,326 $1,014 $2,340
8 Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples $596 $808 $1,404

“t1ltaka” Captures Sunday Carnival Title

“t1ltaka” came out on top in the latest edition of the Sunday Carnival, outlasting 1,479 opponents on their way to reeling in $4,258 of the $35,000 prize pool, making for a profitable weekend at the PartyPoker tables.

The campion-elect finished Day 1 with 16,838,036 chips, enough for second place from 16 surviving players. “t1ltaka” still had much work to do before being crowned the Sunday Carnival champion, because everyone in the top six places at the start of Day 2 were armed with eight-figure stacks.

Sunday Carnival Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 jussi1 19,706,724
2 t1ltaka 16,838,036
3 UsteckaMACHINA 16,150,660
4 omegalulz 14,443,635
5 rica_games 12,076,626
6 DaiRoKKfish72 11,426,015
7 El-Filliponn 8,940,414
8 ACEofVADERS 7,229,576
9 Jamie197833 6,459,891
10 shevadio 6,073,928

With bounty payments included, none of the finalists took home less than $434 for their $22 investment, with the top four finishers each scooping more than $1,100.

That quartet were “El-Filliponn” ($1,172), “rica_games” ($1.708), runner-up “UsteckaMACHINA” ($2,541), and your champion “t1ltaka” ($4,258.

Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 t1ltaka $1,947 $2,311 $4,258
2 UsteckaMACHINA $235 $2,306 $2,541
3 rica_games $219 $1,489 $1,708
4 El-Filliponn $189 $983 $1,172
5 MF96FM $76 $668 $744
6 jussi1 $476 $510 $986
7 DaiRoKKfish72 $165 $372 $537
8 Kamie197833 $137 $297 $434

The 5 Best Poker Destinations in the World

But where should you go? You could try the old “spin a globe” or “throw a dart at a map” trick, but why do that when you can get expert insight into the best poker destinations in the world?

Depending on your location, some of these may be slightly beyond your bankroll, but there are plenty of places to play around the world, so we’re sure that you’ll find somewhere within your reach. The top destinations recognized around the world for their affinity for poker are:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – United States
  • Macau – China
  • Monte Carlo – Monaco
  • Rozvadov & Prague – Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom

Las Vegas, Nevada – United States

Las Vegas Pond and view of landscape

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the first destination on our list is the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Home of the World Series of Poker, Las Vegas is considered a holy city amongst gamblers, and every poker player must make a pilgrimage to the famous city at least once in their life.

Located in the state of Nevada in the southwest of the United States, it’s a top vacation destination for poker players with dozens of poker rooms to enjoy. There are a number of hotels located on and off the Strip, with many casinos hosting their own poker room – allowing you to stay in the comforts of your hotel.

If you want to stretch your legs and look elsewhere, many players recommend the Golden Nugget or the Aria as two of the best poker rooms in the city.

Vegas is busy all year round, so no matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll be sure to find plenty of action. The World Series of Poker runs in the heart of Las Vegas every summer, so if you want the best chance of rubbing elbows with your poker heroes, we’d recommend taking a trip during the Series.

Macau – China

Macau China view of the city at night

Once described as the next Las Vegas, Macau has arguably become the gambling capital of the world, with millions of people flocking to it every year. It receives a large number of visitors from mainland China, where the laws around gambling are much stricter than those of Macau.

Those of you who have been to Vegas will find a lot of the hotels in Macau to be familiar, as they have their own Venetian Hotel, MGM Hotel, Wynn Hotel, and Rio Hotel! If you’re looking for the best place to play poker, we’d recommend either the City of Dreams, The Wynn, or The Venetian, as they’re the casinos best known for their poker rooms.

However, if you’re going to play poker in Macau, make sure you bring plenty of cash, as the lowest stakes in many casinos are $25/$50HKD, which is around $3/$6USD.

This is definitely a destination for the big spenders amongst you.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Famous building in Monte Carlo

Another location popular with high rollers is the principality of Monaco. Seen by many as one of the most glamorous places on Earth, you’ll be surrounded by expensive yachts and high-end supercars, but the destination has a considerable amount of history to enjoy as well.

The iconic Monte Carlo Casino was founded in the mid-19th century by Monaco royalty. While the casino has gone through a number of redesigns and relocations over the years, the end result is absolutely stunning, with the renowned architect of the Paris Opera House designing the world-famous architecture.

While many of you will know the Monte Carlo Casino as one of James Bond’s favorite destinations, it’s also home to the Grand Final of the European Poker Tour, with thousands of players from across Europe descending on the principality every year.

Despite being best known as a tax haven for millionaires, there’s a surprising number of low-stakes games, making it the perfect destination for people of all bankroll sizes.

Rozvadov & Prague – Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic view of the city

The small town of Rozvadov on the Czech border may not seem like a likely destination at first glance, but it’s home to the biggest poker casino in Europe with over 200 tables! King’s Casino Rozvadov has been built-up by well-known businessman and high-stakes poker player Leon Tsoukernik – a regular player in some of the biggest televised games in the world.

The casino is host to a number of poker festivals throughout the year, and over the last few years has played host to WSOP Europe, as well as multiple partypoker, WPT, and Eureka Poker Tour events. If tournaments aren’t your thing, then don’t worry, as there are dozens of cash game tables available every day, with tables for all bankrolls.

There’s even a four-star hotel on-site, giving you the perfect place to relax after a hard day’s grinding.

However, if you want a little more vacation mixed into your poker vacation, then Prague might be more your speed. Located just a couple of hours from Rozvadov, the Czech capital has a thriving poker scene, with a number of hotels hosting regular poker games. Prague is also home to the second biggest EPT event of the year (behind Barcelona), and is a great location for players of all stake levels.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

With so many fantastic poker venues available across the UK, it’s hard to pin down an exact location to visit! Of course, London has a bustling poker scene, with plenty of casinos within walking/Uber-ing distance of each other in the heart of the capital. The Hippodrome Casino is one of the best-looking casinos around and is a great place to play cash games, and just up the road, you have The Empire Casino, another place with plenty of cash game action.

There’s no shortage of places to play in London, with the Grosvenor Victoria Casino (locally known as The Vic), Aspers Casino, and Genting Casino all hosting dozens of cash game tables as well as a number of low-stakes tournaments.

If you want to travel somewhere a little cheaper than London, we’d recommend Nottingham – a small city around three hours north of London and home to the Dusk Till Dawn poker room. Owned and operated by Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn is the ultimate UK destination for poker players with hundreds of tables available. They offer a variety of cash games and tournaments each day and regularly host large events with huge prizes on offer.

Speaking of huge prizes, every year The Goliath poker tournament runs at the G Casino in Coventry – for £150, you get a shot to win a share of an over £1 million prize pool. Over the course of a week, the Goliath Poker Festival offers the biggest like poker tournament outside of Vegas, as well as a number of other tournaments and plenty of cash games for low-stakes players and high rollers.

There’s always something happening in the UK, so no matter what time of the year you come over, there’ll be a game waiting for you.


One of the great things about poker is that it’s enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. While these are some of the top poker destinations, there are thousands of other places around the world where you can enjoy this fantastic game. So, the next time you feel the grind of your regular poker room getting you down, consider taking a poker vacation!



The winning card combinations are based on standard Poker hands, so it’s probably best to learn these if you want to become a Poker whizz.

Place your bet on the box marked Ante.

You can place an optional separate bet on the Pair Plus box at the start of each game. This can be a stand-alone bet or in addition to your Ante bet. If you’re dealt any of the hands in the Pay Table below, you’ll be paid at fixed odds regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or has a better hand.

Pair Plus Pay Table

Straight flush 35 to 1
Three of a Kind 33 to 1
Straight 6 to 1
Flush 4 to 1
Pair Evens

There is also an optional side bet Prime on Three Card Poker. You can only place this bet once you have placed an Ante and/or a Pair Plus wager. The objective of this bet is to see whether the three cards dealt to you are of the same colour, that is, all red or all black, see Pay Table below.

Prime Pay Table

Prime 3 to 1 All your cards are the same colour
Prime 4 to 1 All your cards and the dealer’s
cards the same colour


The dealer will deal three cards to each player and three to themselves – all face down.

Look at your cards and if you want to stay in the game place your Play bet on the table. This should be the same amount as your Ante bet.

You do not need to play the hand and stay in the game, and can instead choose to Fold, which means you surrender your Ante bet.

If the dealer’s hand doesn’t have at least a Queen High it doesn’t qualify so your Ante bet will be paid even money and your Play bet returned to you.

If the dealer does have a Queen High, you win even money on both your Ante and Play bets if your own hand is better.

If the dealer’s hand is better than yours, you lose both bets. If you continue in the game by placing a Play bet, and your hand is a Straight or better you will receive an Ante bonus, see

Ante Bonus Pay Table

Straight Evens
Three of a Kind 4 to 1
Straight Flush 5 to 1


The rules are the same as above except you bet against the dice. You lose if a 7 or 11 is thrown on the first roll and win on a 3 or 12. If a 2 is thrown, it is a standoff and you neither win nor lose. If a point is established and then made, you lose. If a 7 is thrown before a point is made, you win. Your wager may not be increased after the establishment of the come-out point until that wager is either won or lost.

Once a point has been established you are then allowed to lay that point.

Winning Hands

Straight Flush Three consecutive cards of the same
suit, e.g. 4, 5, 6 of hearts.
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same
denomination e.g. three 6s etc.
Straight Three sequential cards of different
suits, e.g. 5, 6, 7 of different suits.
Flush Three unrelated cards of the same
suit, e.g. 6, 2, 10 of Clubs.
Pair Two cards of the same
denomination, e.g. two 6s.
High Card The highest value single
card, e.g. a Queen.


House Edge

On Pair Plus wagers: 2.7%

Overall game: 2.0%

Prime Side Bet: 3.62%






Poker with friends app: how to choose the right one?

Poker as a social game is a great alternative for those who want to enjoy competitive poker without having to bet real money. This helps to avoid worrying about other aspects such as bankroll management, since the continuity of the game does not depend on the chips you have within your reach.

The social aspect of poker has led many to look directly for an alternative to encourage interaction between players without the pressure of betting money. And Pokerhub is one of the best alternatives for an all-round experience, with the best of competitive poker and cashless poker.

What is the best way to play online poker with friends?

There are many ways to enjoy online poker with friends, but the best way is to do it in an environment where clubbing is greatly facilitated. Because through a private club, it is much easier to access the gaming tables that lead directly to playing games with friends.

By restricting access to authorized persons only, the possibility of playing with unknown users is eliminated. This is also possible in the case of public clubs or free tables, but it is a different kind of experience.

Typically, those looking to play online poker with friends on an exclusive basis tend to associate with their friends in a club that is run by the group itself, making the experience much more tailored to what each individual prefers.

This has a direct impact on the variety of tables, game types, rules, limits and variants set at each table, making it much easier to tailor the parameters of the game to what the group really wants to find.

How to play online poker with friends?

The steps to do so are really simple, especially on Pokerhub. Because one of the hallmarks of its app is its accessibility, being able to access both with user credentials and in guest mode without registration, streamlining the steps to access the selection of tables in the club.

Using Pokerhub is really simple: just download the app, register or access in guest mode, collect the rewards (they are awarded daily after the first 24 hours) and find your club, search for a new one or create another one from scratch. It allows you to diversify groups to be able to associate each one with specific preferences, and you can add a name to each one and a different avatar to distinguish them.

Pokerhub is a poker app designed to enjoy poker with friends. Everything in it revolves around the social component of the game, including rewards, which can be used to buy loot boxes and various prizes to give you an edge in a game. Although it contains micropayments, Pokerhub has a fair and consistent reward scale, with daily rewards to reward the loyalty of its community.

More and more people are interested in enjoying a non-public poker experience with friends. This makes it easier to have control of the community and establish clear guidelines in terms of game modes, game types and other parameters.

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Private poker app to play with friends: why you should try it?

Play poker with friends on PokerHub: what are the advantages?

As a poker app for playing with friends, Pokerhub stands out in several ways:

  • Total accessibility. Pokerhub is an app designed to be easy to use. This helps you to have all the possible options at your fingertips, both for those looking to join a table instantly and for those who want to shape their own circle of players. What’s more, as soon as you log in, you’ll be able to learn the basics with an interactive tutorial, so you can try out all the options when you download Pokerhub for the first time.
  • Easy to use. Its controls are designed so that every option for interacting with your friends both on and off the poker table is at your fingertips. You’ll quickly become familiar with everything the app has to offer, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all the possibilities as soon as possible.
  • Unlimited possibilities. Pokerhub gives you the experience you’re looking for, whatever it is. When you enter you can access public poker tables, search for a club, create your own, access your club’s private tables… And you can enjoy the games either by logging in, with your user credentials, or in guest mode, which allows you to access the game directly without waiting.
  • Strong social component. Everything is designed for you to enjoy poker at its most social and interactive with other members of the community, especially with your friends. But remember that private games are only part of the Pokerhub experience. Part of the fun is that your social circle expands, and thanks to the organic traffic that Pokerhub boosts, you will be able to meet new players who are looking for the same thing as you.

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