Bonus edition: ACR Stormers – Clips of the Week

ACR Stormers – Twitch Clips of the Week

Yesterday, we debuted our Clips of the Week article from our ACR Stormers stream team. And since we already got such great feedback on it, we decided to follow it up with some bonus clips.

Here are five more Twitch videos along with our own personal commentary.

ACR Stormer: G.R.R.127 –
This man has obviously had better experiences with pocket aces than I have to be singing his way to victory in a 3-way pot all-in pre flop.

ACR Stormer: Cachitodiaz16 –
With this kind of celebration for winning $4.50, I’ve decided to watch every day to see what he comes up with when he wins something substantial.

ACR Stormer: OcambI4 –
Pretty sure someone upstairs heard him asking for a clean runout on the turn.

ACR Stormer: dayjahvu –
I get why she replayed it.  I think most players can relate to wanting to put hands like these from their sessions on permanent loop while they grind.

ACR Stormer: pokerpastor –
He called for that like Babe Ruth in his famous home run.